Veneto Club Melbourne 2018/2019 Board of Directors

On 24th June 2018, the new Veneto Club Melbourne Board of Directors were elected, and for this 2018/2019 year consists of:

President: Louis Crema born in Melbourne (AUS) – family originated from Giavera del Montello (TV-ITA)

Vice President: Eugenio Brazzale born in Melbourne (AUS) – family originated from Calvene and Lugo di Vicenza (VI-ITA)

Vice President: Fabio Sandona’ born in Thiene (VI-ITA) and relocated to Australia from Caltrano (VI-ITA)

Secretary: Frank Freschi born in Bavaria, suburb of the council of Nervesa della Battaglia (TV-ITA)

Treasurer: Dino de Bortoli born in Melbourne (AUS) – family originated from Lorenzaga, suburb of the council of Motta di Livenza (TV-ITA)

Committee member: Paola Girardi born in Cusignana, suburb of the council of Giavera del Montello (TV-ITA)

Committee member: Sara Bavato born in Camposampiero (PD-ITA) and relocated to Australia from Piombino Dese (PD-ITA)

Committee member: Sonya Velo Johnstone born in Melbourne (AUS) – family originated from Paderno del Grappa and Cornuda (TV-ITA)

Committee member: Renzo Sgarbossa born in Melbourne (AUS) – family originated from Galliera Veneta (PD-ITA)


All the Committee Members, in correct order from left to right starting from the President, are shown in the below picture.


President’s Dinner




At the presence of the Italian Consul General Pierluigi Trombetta, Mayor of Manningham Andrew Conlon and Councilor Michelle Kleinert, the President’s Gala Dinner 2018 was the perfect opportunity to pay respect to the past figures who had the vision and worked hard in order to create a community hub as the Veneto Club is today.

In particular, four “pioneers” that were part of the first Veneto Club committee were recognized with a special certificate signed by the President of the Veneto Region Luca Zaia and the Minister of the regional council Manuela Lanzarin.

Mario Bonis, Floriano Marchesin, Giovanni Scomparin and Angelo Silvestrini are those four people from that original committee that are still here with us today.

Despite difficulties of all sorts, they pursued what could have seemed an unachievable dream but was a need for hundreds of families, the need of a place to call home away from home.

Mario Bonis (originally from Arcade) was committee member and president for a total of 12 years and served as a volunteer for another 15 years.

Marchesin (originally from Trevigliano) was secretary for ten years.

Giovanni Scomparin, from Treviso, was committee member and vice president for about 5 years and he continued to be an active player within the Italian community.

Silvestrini (originally from Povegliano) was a committee member for eight years.

The certificates were presented by representative of the Federazione delle Associazioni Venete  – President  Andrea Bettio and Secretary Ketti Pezzin – Fabio Sandonà, Consultore, and Louis Crema. Within FAV, Louis Crema thanked Andrea Bettio and Luigi Bacchin, respectively former presidents of Trevisani nel mondo and Padovani nel mondo of Melbourne, for their tireless work and passion to the local Veneto Community.

Throughout the night, many other people were recognized for their work and support to the club: the Ladies Auxiliary – Josie Faggion, Dorina Di Marzo, Eufrasia Castriotta e Imelda Del Negro – who fundraised of 13,000 dollars for the club; Emilio Colla from the Bocce sub-committee who presented a cheque of 5000 dollars; Celio Stocco for his voluntary work of many years; Pat Saladino, former chairman of the FCBL; Tony Squillacioti, who recently retired from his position of Commercial Manager; Naomi Varrato who has left vacant her position of committee member.

A special mention went also to Frank Gazzola for being awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia.



La Grande Guerra




On Sunday 27th May, The Veneto Club hosted a special once only performance to commemorate one hundred years of La Grande Guerra.

The show is a creation of Donald Furlano from Torino (Italia) – a collection of original war songs that were composed depicting the struggles of the Italian soldiers during World War One which ultimately shaped our cultural heritage, and Veneto spirit. The battles of Isonzo, Asiago, Vittorio Veneto, Piave and Gorizia were all fought in the “back yard” of north eastern Italy – areas that the Veneto Club represents.

We had a great turnout with over 500 guests who attended the event including the Italian Consul General Pierluigi Trombetta, Comites President Francesco Pascalis and many other representatives of the broader Italian community.

The Men’s Choir, which was specifically created for this performance, consisted of 40 people (23 Veneto Club members), many of whom have never sang in a choir before. Directed by Maestro Canil and accompanied by Bensi Band, the choir performed poignant songs from WWI, while Federico Martin and Alberto Del Duca interpreted respectively the parts of the authorities and the soldiers who fought WWI.

In the basketball court original items from the battles theatres in the Veneto and Friuli Regions were displayed, thanks to the Alpini Museum of McLeod, alongside a photographic exhibition curated by Laura Mecca.

A big thank you and congratulations to the performers who made this special event a day to remember! Thank you also to all volunteers and guests who attended.

To commemorate this special event, the Veneto Club has created DVD’s of the La Grande Guerra performance and is offering them for sale at $15 each.

To purchase a copy of our La Grande Guerra DVD, please contact reception: T. 9850 7111 | E.

Choir Members:
Bruno Alberto, Emilio Antonello, Andrea Bettio, Sergio Dal Pozzo, Angelo De Grandis, Luciano Faggion, Riccardo Meneguzzi, Pasquale Marinelli, Francesco Menis, Tarcisio Meneghetti, Lorenzo Michielin, Raimondo Michielin, Paul Michielin, Gabriele Parpinello, Roberto Pamio, Elio Rigoni, George Rizzi, Antonio Rossi, Sergio Savio, Amedeo Sgarbossa, Giuseppe Stramandinoli, Bruno Vittadello, Aldo Zanatta, Robert Babuin, Maurizio Borgobello, Tiziano Cislaghi, Ettorino Cococcia, Peter Farley, Quintino Malaspina, Camillo Ferraro, Joe Miot, Peter Paul, Mario Pianezze, Dario Storgato, Ferruccio Tonelli, Mario Vespa, Pat Verrocchi, Tony Yacono

Bensi Band:
Andrea Simionato, Aaron Bensi, David Bonfa, Tieran Kimber, Joe Coluccio, King-Wei Khoi, Gordon Sellar, Chris Jewell, Renato Vecchies, Mark Simionato, Max Preston

Female Friendly Facilities




The Veneto Club made an application to the Stronger Communities Programme for a grant to renovate two change rooms to accommodate the growing number of girls/women playing sport at the Veneto Club.

With the support of our local Federal MP – Kevin Andrews we were successful in obtaining a grant of $15,000.

The renovation started early April and was completed on 10 June. The attached photo shows Kevin Andrews inspecting the newly completed female friendly change rooms.

The Veneto Club thanks Kevin Andrews for supporting a project to better accommodate our female athletes.

The Veneto Club also thanks Louis Crema & Crema Constructions for the generous contribution to the project and contractor Problem Solving Plumbing who did a great job with the plumbing and fit out of the change rooms.

Celebrating our Volunteers




We hosted our Annual Volunteers Dinner on Tuesday 22nd May to acknowledge and celebrate the dedication and contribution of all our volunteers over the past 12 months.

Without the continued effort and support from our volunteers, the Club wouldn’t be as successful as it is today. We are lucky to have a group of determined and passionate people who provide invaluable support to the Veneto Club. Our volunteers range from groups and people from the Veneto Club Sporting Sub-Committees, Veneto Regional Associations, Ladies Auxiliary, Maintenance Committee, VC Committee and Volunteer Staff, as well as individual members and guests. Thank you for your ongoing contribution.

Congratulations to Mr Celio Stocco, on winning Volunteer of the Year. Celio is a Foundation Member of the Veneto Club who has volunteered for more than 50 years. His help over the years has taken many forms from general maintenance to cooking BBQ’s to being on the VC committee for many years as the Treasurer and also as a Committee member. As a retired Cabinet maker his experience is invaluable. Over the past year Celio has assisted maintenance on a regular basis as well as cooking BBQ’s at the annual Christmas picnic or at Una Notte Sotto Le Stelle and assisting in the set-up of our major events. Celio is always the first to offer his services before he is even asked. Congratulations to an outstanding individual whose love for the Veneto Club shines through every time he is here. We look forward to Celio’s ongoing support.

Once again, a sincere thank you to all volunteers!

Italian Cultural Week Program

The Veneto Club Bulleen (Melbourne) will host the marquee event of the Italian Cultural Week coordinated by comites melbourne – victoria e tasmania and Consolato Melbourne. It’s an interesting and jam-packed program that includes the participation of several other local Italo-Australian entities to celebrate our Italian history, culture and lifestyle through music, food and art. 

More info regarding our ceremony named “LA GRANDE GUERRA” on 


Italian Week

2018 Menzies Community Australia Day Awards

Congratulations to our Functions Manager, Francesca Daniele, who was greatly recognised for her community and fundraising achievements at the 2018 Menzies Community Australia Day Awards.

Francesca has been on the Blush by the Veneto Club committee for four years and in that time has raised over $100,000 for various charities. She is responsible for the planning, coordination and other operational duties at all Blush events and also volunteers at other non-Blush events. She spends many hours each week following up with potential sponsors to gain support for each fundraising cause. Francesca’s drive and energy motivates many other people, bringing out the best in them and this is all because of her community minded focus. Congratulations again to Francesca and to all the Blush committee members who continue to volunteer their time and give back to the community.

50th Anniversary of the Veneto Club

The festive season has well and truly arrived at the Veneto Club! Sunday saw the grounds transform into a huge milestone celebration of 50 years of the Veneto Club, all cosily sheltered from the stormy Melbourne skies. Not to be discouraged by the unpredictable weather, happy faces old and new came together to help make the celebration a very special day.

We are proud to be able to uphold the culture and heritage of the Veneto Club and are honoured by this message from Prime Minister of Australia The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP.













Letter from PM 50th Anniversary Lunch