Female Friendly Facilities




The Veneto Club made an application to the Stronger Communities Programme for a grant to renovate two change rooms to accommodate the growing number of girls/women playing sport at the Veneto Club.

With the support of our local Federal MP – Kevin Andrews we were successful in obtaining a grant of $15,000.

The renovation started early April and was completed on 10 June. The attached photo shows Kevin Andrews inspecting the newly completed female friendly change rooms.

The Veneto Club thanks Kevin Andrews for supporting a project to better accommodate our female athletes.

The Veneto Club also thanks Louis Crema & Crema Constructions for the generous contribution to the project and contractor Problem Solving Plumbing who did a great job with the plumbing and fit out of the change rooms.

Celebrating our Volunteers




We hosted our Annual Volunteers Dinner on Tuesday 22nd May to acknowledge and celebrate the dedication and contribution of all our volunteers over the past 12 months.

Without the continued effort and support from our volunteers, the Club wouldn’t be as successful as it is today. We are lucky to have a group of determined and passionate people who provide invaluable support to the Veneto Club. Our volunteers range from groups and people from the Veneto Club Sporting Sub-Committees, Veneto Regional Associations, Ladies Auxiliary, Maintenance Committee, VC Committee and Volunteer Staff, as well as individual members and guests. Thank you for your ongoing contribution.

Congratulations to Mr Celio Stocco, on winning Volunteer of the Year. Celio is a Foundation Member of the Veneto Club who has volunteered for more than 50 years. His help over the years has taken many forms from general maintenance to cooking BBQ’s to being on the VC committee for many years as the Treasurer and also as a Committee member. As a retired Cabinet maker his experience is invaluable. Over the past year Celio has assisted maintenance on a regular basis as well as cooking BBQ’s at the annual Christmas picnic or at Una Notte Sotto Le Stelle and assisting in the set-up of our major events. Celio is always the first to offer his services before he is even asked. Congratulations to an outstanding individual whose love for the Veneto Club shines through every time he is here. We look forward to Celio’s ongoing support.

Once again, a sincere thank you to all volunteers!

Italian Cultural Week Program

The Veneto Club Bulleen (Melbourne) will host the marquee event of the Italian Cultural Week coordinated by comites melbourne – victoria e tasmania and Consolato Melbourne. It’s an interesting and jam-packed program that includes the participation of several other local Italo-Australian entities to celebrate our Italian history, culture and lifestyle through music, food and art. 

More info regarding our ceremony named “LA GRANDE GUERRA” on http://www.lgg.venetoclubevents.com.au/ 


Italian Week

2018 Menzies Community Australia Day Awards

Congratulations to our Functions Manager, Francesca Daniele, who was greatly recognised for her community and fundraising achievements at the 2018 Menzies Community Australia Day Awards.

Francesca has been on the Blush by the Veneto Club committee for four years and in that time has raised over $100,000 for various charities. She is responsible for the planning, coordination and other operational duties at all Blush events and also volunteers at other non-Blush events. She spends many hours each week following up with potential sponsors to gain support for each fundraising cause. Francesca’s drive and energy motivates many other people, bringing out the best in them and this is all because of her community minded focus. Congratulations again to Francesca and to all the Blush committee members who continue to volunteer their time and give back to the community.

50th Anniversary of the Veneto Club

The festive season has well and truly arrived at the Veneto Club! Sunday saw the grounds transform into a huge milestone celebration of 50 years of the Veneto Club, all cosily sheltered from the stormy Melbourne skies. Not to be discouraged by the unpredictable weather, happy faces old and new came together to help make the celebration a very special day.

We are proud to be able to uphold the culture and heritage of the Veneto Club and are honoured by this message from Prime Minister of Australia The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP.













Letter from PM 50th Anniversary Lunch

Staying connected with the Veneto Region in Italia

It’s very important for us as the Veneto Club of Melbourne to maintain and further strengthen the connections & relationships we have with the Regione Veneto. The Regione Veneto is the equivalent of our Victorian Government (in Italy).

Whilst all the committee of the Veneto Club hold this relationship in high regard, Fabio Sandona’ leads this, and represents the Veneto Club in many activities and meetings both locally and abroad. In addition to this, Fabio is also the official representative of the Federazione delle Associazioni Venete del Victoria – one of the only two Australian Federations recognized by the Regione Veneto.

In late July the Regione Veneto sponsored two events to enable Veneti from around the world to meet & collaborate with a view to establishing how best to work with each other across the globe. Each Federation and Association had two Representatives, one for the Consulta and one for the Meeting.

The Consulta is the group that comprises the main representatives from the Veneti nel Mondo – and the Federazione delle Associazioni Venete del Victoria (which the Veneto Club Melbourne is part of) was represented by Fabio Sandona’. The meeting is  the the group that comprises youth represenetives (aged 18-39) and Davide Gottardello was our representative.

The first events were the Consulta and the Meeting dei Veneti nel Mondo – held at the Palazzo Barbaran in Vicenza.

The Regione Veneto was respresented by the Minister responsible for the Veneti nel Mondo communities Manuela Lanzarin. Manuela reinforced that the Regione Veneto is committed to working with and actively engaging with all Veneti nel Mondo. She also stressed the importance of these conventions as being mutually beneficial for both the Regione Veneto and all the Veneti nel Mondo and their local communities back home.

Did you know that there are almost 5 million people of Veneto background all around the world?  Five million people that have migrated in search of a better life and more opportunities.

From the various discussions during these conventions two strong messages were evident:

  • The importance of continuing to support our Veneto’s Associations through these conventions to maintain & foster relationships
  • For the youth – the importance of using social medial tools to connect, communicate, collaborate, and share ideas and details of events.

The second event – the Giornata dei Veneti nel Mondo was celebrated at the piana del Cansiglio in Santa’Osvaldo.  Over two thousand people attended this event which was officiated by the Secretary of Vatican State S.E. Cardinal Pietro Parolin.

Fabio (on behalf of the Veneto Club Melbourne) presented the officials of the Regione Veneto and the Veneti nel Mondo with a temporary honorary membership for the Veneto Club as well as a personalised Bulleen Lions jersey. They were all delighted to receive these gifts from our club.

A delegation from the Regione Veneto will be visiting Melbourne late this year to join us in celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Veneto Club.

Fabio and Davide represented our club magnificently, and we are sure to reap the benefits of these strengthened relationships going forward.


Pender’s Grove Primary School visit to the Veneto Club – Celebrating Italian Week

In June 2017, children from Prep to Grade 6 from Pender’s Grove Primary School spent the day learning about the Italian/Veneto culture with a range of activities from soccer, venetian mask making, dancing, eating great Italian food and playing bocce.

The group was lead by their Italian Languages teacher LeeAnn Sartorel, the daughter one of our late foundation members Gianni Giacomin.

LeeAnn enlisted the help of her mum Agnese to assist with a bocce lesson – Agnese is renowned for her bocce skills both at both a state and national level, a talent that Agnese shares with her brother Emilio.

As you can see from the pictures  the students had a fun filled day at the Veneto Club immersing themselves in all things Italian.

If you would like to organise a school visit – contact Karl Hodge on 9850 7111.